Sharks are possibly the world’s most feared animals. There is no doubt that they are the most evolved predators in the ocean. We are offering you the opportunity to dive with us and meet different species of sharks face-to-face and on your own terms. It’s an education and you will soon learn that these magnificent creatures are, in fact, highly misunderstood.

Due to wrong publicity, sharks have a bad reputation. However, as you learn more about them, you will appreciate them for what they really are. They are creatures which should be more respected than feared. Our cage diving is done in conjunction with one of the leading authorities on shark behaviour.

Join us on one of our renowned shark expeditions and you will soon find out why Aliwal Shoal has become internationally recognized as one of the top 10 dive sites in the world. Aliwal Shoal has been described as “The Serengeti of the Sea!” It has been dubbed "The Greatest Shoal on Earth" and every year around June, July and August great shoals of sardines "run" up the East Coast of Africa between Port Elizabeth and Durban. This phenomenon can be experienced by diver and non-diver alike. NO experience needed!

Great White Shark Cage diving is the ultimate adventure activity in South Africa. Nothing can be more exhilarating than coming face to face with this magnificent predator. Two of the best shark diving spots in the Western Cape are GANSBAAI and SEAL ISLAND in False Bay.

Within a few minutes of entering the water, you could see up to several shark species including Tiger, Zambezi, Oceanic Blacktips, Hammerheads, Ragged Tooth, Guitar and Whale Sharks.